The José Martí Foundation and Florida International University establish The José Martí Scholarship Endowment

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With the support of FIU President, Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg, the Jose Marti Scholarship Endowment has been established at Florida International University to support the First Generation Scholarship Fund and The Honors College (the “College”). Annual spendable earnings from the Endowment, matched annually by the state, will be used to provide scholarship support to first generation Honors College students.

The scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in or accepted for admission to the University, who are also enrolled in The Honors College (minimum 3.3 GPA required). Students must be Hispanic-American or a person of Spanish culture with origins in Mexico, South America, Central America, or the Caribbean, regardless of race, as expressly authorized pursuant to the eligibility requirements for the State of Florida’s José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant Program, set forth in Florida Statute 1009.72(5).

On behalf of the José Martí Foundation, I would like to express our gratitude to President Rosenberg for giving us the opportunity to establish the FIU José Martí Scholarship Endowment. As we look at the future of our first generation and Honors College students, and inspired by the words of José Martí: “Children are the hope of the world” it is our wish that through the FIU José Martí Scholarship Endowment we will be able to reach out and touch the lives of more qualified students of Hispanic heritage to help make their dreams a reality. At the same time, we hope to inspire others to get involved in transforming the education of our low-income first generation students. Together we can make a difference in building a strong educational foundation for our community and future generations.Dr. Arnhilda Badía, President
The José Martí Foundation