The José Martí Foundation

The José Martí Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to provide educational opportunities to students of Hispanic descent. Through fundraising events, the José Martí Foundation raises funds to award scholarships on a yearly basis.

The José Martí Foundation was established in 1989 as the fundraising arm of the José Martí Scholarship Challenge Grant. In 1988, Dr. Arnhilda Badia as a State Representative, passed a bill into law that made possible the establishment of the Jose Marti Scholarship Challenge Grant to provide matching funds to those raised by the Jose Marti Foundation. This is a need-based merit scholarship that provides financial assistance to eligible students of Hispanic origin who will attend Florida public or eligible private institutions. The annual award amount for the 2014-15 academic year is $2,000. Applicants are ranked first by the highest need, which is determined by the FAFSA, then by GPA, and then by application submission date. Applicants will be evaluated and notified approximately at the end of June for eligibility determination. For more information, read this facts sheet.

At the national level, the José Martí Foundation recognizes individuals who have made a difference in the lives of English Language Learners and bilingual students. As a partner with the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE), educators are recognized for their dedication and leadership.

The José Martí Foundation has awarded

0+ Scholarships
To qualified Hispanic students

However, there is still a

$0+ Million
Gap in unmet needs

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With your help, and the help of other donors like you, we can continue increasing the number of scholarships we are able to award, offering and expanding the many support services we provide prospective college students and their families, and mobilizing the community to make college education a top priority for every Latino family across the nation.


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